Manifacto Amsterdam

Zamenhofstraat 150, Unit 231 1022 AG Amsterdam
0686224004 Klik om te bellen

Over Manifacto Amsterdam

Manifacto Amsterdam is a tattoo studio and a gallery, located nearby the Tropenmuseum and the Rijksakademie.

As a gallery we are committed to contemporary art, with a program dedicated to young, emerging international artists. Currently in the process of finding our identity in the cultural landscape of Amsterdam.

We value the bond between art and tattoo, but still, the gallery has its own independent voice. We look forward to see you around!

Manifacto is a family business that aims to create a platform for artists, craft makers and art lovers. Our mission is to bridge the gap between tattoo and different creative disciplines, sharing ideas, promoting art and artists; to build a collaborative space where inspiration will flow and develop. 

We are driven by positivity, by a sense of belonging,  a cosiness that will echo in the atmosphere at Manifacto - a place where we can grow together.


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